A model Dawn, lays nude, on a printed couch. The couch has a matching, blue, and red pillows. Behind her is a fireplace, and below is a print rug.

Winter Odalisque, 1953, Oil on Canvas, 16 in x 20 in

This piece is currently on hold.

Title: Winter Odalisque
Artist: Sylvia Sleigh
Year: 1953                
Painting: Oil on Canvas
Size: 16" x 20"    

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Soon after her first solo exhibition in 1953, Sylvia Sleigh hired a “slight and small but prettily made” model named Dawn Kingham, who posed nude for three paintings before the year ended. In this diminutive picture, Dawn reclines on a couch by the fireplace. While the painting was in progress, Sleigh conceived the title, Winter Odalisque. The name alludes to the warm indoor setting and the nineteenth-century European predilection for recumbent female nudes in lavish environments.

Essay provided by Andrew Hottle © 2016-17
A letter of authenticity will be issued for each work by
Dr. Andrew D. Hottle.
© Estate of Sylvia Sleigh

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