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We have recruited and collected an array of gifts and services for The Parity Store – our initiative that aims to create sustainability for Parity Productions, while giving a percentage of proceeds back to artists.

The Parity Store is the first of its kind digital storefront that offers works of art, gift items, and professional services – many at a discount. From social media consultations to website building to grammar wizardry and works of art - the Parity Store is a wide-ranging retail experience. The best part – 10% of all proceeds from The Parity Store go toward The Annual Parity Commission for Women and Transgender Playwrights. (It’s our 10% Promise).

We love theatre. And as part of a thriving, vibrant industry, we believe in equal opportunity. So while Parity Productions is a formidable producer of new work, we also ensure that we fill at least 50% of the creative roles on our productions—playwrights, directors, and designers—with women and/or TGNC artists. In addition to producing our own work, we actively promote  other theatre companies that follow our 50% hiring standard. Artistically, we develop and produce compelling new plays that give voice to individuals who rebel against their marginalized place in society. 

Parity Productions is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit theatre company formed in 2016 by international award-winning director Ludovica Villar-Hauser. Parity Productions has its roots in two other previous not-for-profits:  VH Theatrical Development Foundation and Works by Women.

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e-mail: info@parityproductions.org
phone: (646) 737-5180
office hours: Monday - Thursday 12pm - 6pm, Friday 10am - 2pm
address: 450 West 17th Street, Suite 604 ​New York, NY 10011-5818

Parity Productions 

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