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The Parity Store is just one of the advocacy platforms Parity Productions offers in an effort to serve women and transgender artists.
The Parity Store is a first of its kind retail digital storefront that offers rare works of art, exclusive products, and professional services - many at a discount - to artists, the industry and to our audiences. Services provided include strategic planning, press release writing, social media consulting and more. Exclusive to The Parity Store are works of art donated by the estate of famed, Welsh-born artist and feminist Sylvia Sleigh as well as our Limited Edition Sylvia Sleigh greeting cards.
One out of every $10 we make from The Parity Store goes directly to support the Parity Commission for Women and Transgender Artists - our 10% Promise.
Parity Productions is the only theatrical production company that makes hiring 50% women and transgender directors, designers, and playwrights on every one of our productions an integral part of our mission. 

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