A 14th century castle, Bodiam Castle, against a light blue sky, surrounded by flowers and trees in the fore and backgrounds. The piece is marked as sold with a grey border and white text "Sold" at the bottom center.

Bodiam Castle, 1948, Watercolor on Paper, Matted and Framed, 6 7/8 in x 9 7/8 in


Title: Bodiam Castle
Artist: Sylvia Sleigh
Year: 1948
Size: 6 7/8" x 9 7/8"
Matted and Framed

The Bodiam Castle and Winchelsea Gate watercolors were painted within two days of each other. They were completed during Sylvia Sleigh’s outings with her first husband, Michael Greenwood. They first visited the ruin of the fourteenth-century Bodiam Castle, followed by a trip to Winchelsea Gate.

Essay provided by Andrew Hottle © 2016-17
© Estate of Sylvia Sleigh

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