A silver decanter and basket of fruit on a black and gold tray.

Still Life with Decanter, 1949, Oil on Canvas, Framed, 16 in x 18 in

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Title: Still Life with Decanter
Artist: Sylvia Sleigh
Year: 1949                     
Painting: Oil on Canvas 
Size: 16" x 18"    

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This small still life painting was exhibited in Sylvia Sleigh’s first solo show, held in 1953 at the Kensington Art Gallery in London. The ribs of the elegant decanter correspond to those of the adjacent white basket; the latter brims with fruit. The containers rest on a reflective ornamental tray, which was placed, for purely compositional reasons, on a divan upholstered in fabric with figural and foliate motifs. Using predominantly warm hues and a variety of embellished objects, Sleigh created a pleasant arrangement of patterns and forms.

Story provided by Andrew Hottle © 2016-17
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© Estate of Sylvia Sleigh

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