A set of stones and shells sit diagonally from top right to bottom left corners. The stones and shells range from medium to large, and solid to patterned, in whites, greys, yellows, and pink tones. One small yellow stone sits at the bottom right, away from the set. The piece is marked as sold with a grey border and white text "Sold" at the bottom center.

Stones and Shells from Southold, 1972, Watercolor on Paper, Framed, 5 in x 6 in


Title: Stones and Shells from Southold
Artist: Sylvia Sleigh
Year: 1972                            
Painting: Watercolor on Paper      
Size: 5" x 6"   

Over a period of nearly eight years, Sylvia Sleigh intermittently painted small watercolors of stones and shells that she gathered while visiting the gallerist Betty Parsons in Southold, located on the eastern end of Long Island.

Stones from Southold, May 18, 1970
Stones from Southold, May 18, 1970
Stones from Southold, August 10, 1970
Stones from Southold, 1970

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