An abandoned brick building for forging iron tyres, covered in trees.

Tyre Furnace, 1952, Oil on Canvas Board, Framed, 17 3/8 in x 15 in

Title: Tyre Furnace
Artist: Sylvia Sleigh
Year: 1952                  
Painting: Oil on Canvas Board
Size: 17 3/8" x 15"    

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The “tyre furnace” was adjacent to the Rectory Lodge in the village of Pett, where Sylvia Sleigh lived for several years. The painting shows the outdated, abandoned, and overgrown forge for iron tyres. Sleigh later recalled that her romantic partner and future husband, Lawrence Alloway, purchased the painting from her.

Essay provided by Andrew Hottle © 2016-17
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© Estate of Sylvia Sleigh

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